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Razor Burn – How I Avoid it AND Maintain the Perfect 5 O’clock Shadow

A couple years ago, I discovered a quick and easy way to maintain that perfect 5 o’clock shadow look without the dreaded razor burn. I’ve been shaving that way ever since.

I stopped shaving with a razor about 6 years ago

Thinking back, what a hassle that was! Buying those god awful overpriced razors (Dollar Shave Club helped to alleviate the pain of this expense), shaving creams, and lotions. To top it all of, after shaving I would be left with terrible razor burn which left my hair follicles infected with pimple-like bumps on my face and neck. No fun!

For years I tried everything possible to improve my situation

I bought different types of razors with different numbers of blades and all the manly shave products I could get my hands on. I Even forked out $50 for some really expensive after shave lotion that, besides smelling great, didn’t help my face look or feel any better after a shave.

Then one day I got ahold of a rechargeable hair and body trimmer that Chelsea had purchased

She had only used it a handful of times and something gave me the idea to try it on my face. I attached the flat cutting head and ran it down my face. It trimmed my facial hair nicely and with little effort. I ran it all over my face and neck; with the grain and against it. 

At the end, I was left with that perfect 5 o’clock shadow look. You know, the look. The one David Beckham and George Clooney are famous for.

Razor Burn

But the best part, no razor burn!

The following day, my face still felt great and I didn’t have any infected follicles. A couple days later, I tried again with perfect results. I’ve been shaving this way ever since.

The trimmer you buy is completely up to you. There are lots of options available and I am sure they all do the job. I have the Philips Norelco Multigroom 3100 and the only reason I bought that one is because I didn’t want to spend the money on anything more expensive. It’s worked fine for many years, but when the time comes to replace it, I’ll probably invest in something more durable.

If your wondering about electric face shavers, from my limited experience with them, they still gave me razor burn and required more care and maintenance than it was worth. Maybe that was just me, maybe i’m just too sensitive.

Benefits of an electric trimmer:

  • Trimmers are cheap – $20.00 for a basic model and up to about $75 for steel body models
  • They are rechargeable
  • They can be used over and over again – I’ve been using the same trimmer for about 4 years
  • Hair and body trimmers come with multiple adaptors and can be used for more than just your face * wink wink *
  • You do it on a dry face
  • No lotions or creams are necessary
  • No razor burn (pimples, ingrown hairs, rashes, redness)
  • Works on facial hair of any length
  • Significantly less wasteful since you’re not throwing away a razor head a week

If you’re a man who either has been shaving this way or just gave it a try for the first time, drop a comment down below and let me know how it worked for you! I’ve always been curious about the results other men have had!

That's all for now!


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