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Life Update – We Moved!

I love new beginnings! They're a wonderful opportunity for growth!

We recently moved from San Jose, California to Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. We’ve been here for a bit over a month and BOY its been a trip!

On June 17th we packed up our Honda Element and left San Jose; the city I was born and raised in and where I spent the better part of my 28 years on this Earth.

It was seriously SO terrifying but absolutely necessary. Without change, we don’t grow. What’s the point if we don’t push the boundaries and continue growing?

We took 9 days to drive cross country, taking our time and camping along the way. We figured we would probably never do something like that again so we wanted to enjoy ourselves and not rush too much.

Here’s a YouTube video chronicling our journey!

So, why did we move?

We wanted a change of scenery. Derek and I know that we can offer so much to the world, but we felt we couldn’t do that stuck in the bay area. We each have our own passions and goals but we were feeling stifled. We felt like we didn’t have a place there; it just wasn’t vibing with us anymore. Theres a very materialistic and pompous mentality there and it just wasn’t a good fit for us.

Also, California is so insanely expensive. We want financial independence and we weren’t going to find it in San Jose.

So, why Philly?

Both Derek and I love history, and Philadelphia is literally the birthplace of the United States. We wanted somewhere with culture and history; but was also affordable.

We also want to do more Europe travel and plane tickets are SO much cheaper from this side of the US.

First impressions

Honestly, this city is full of so many friendly people! Everyone we’ve met while out walking says ‘good morning’ or ‘hello’ or some type of pleasantry. 

Our apartment, though old (built in 1924) and needing a facelift, is nice, clean, and safe. The people living here are a real community which is very refreshing.

We’ve wandered around our neighborhood and it’s bursting with charm; from the old brick houses to the cobblestone streets. Theres not much in terms of interesting shops super close, but there is a nice neighborhood about 2 miles away with a cute downtown and it seems that things are going to keep evolving around here. Only time will tell…

We’ve also visited Center City a few times to check everything out. We have a train station practically right outside our door and 5 or so dollars will take us all the way into downtown. We wandered around and got pulled in so many different directions trying to take in the staggering amount of history in this city.

We saw Independence Hall, the Liberty Bell, Carpenter’s Hall, walked to the Delaware River waterfront, stopped by Elfreth’s Alley (the oldest continuously inhabited street in the US), saw Betsy Ross’s house, City Hall, Love Park, etc, etc… It will definitely take several more trips to take it all in!

Next steps

We’ve made this little apartment home for the next year, at least. It’s small, but cozy, and all ours.

Derek and I have big plans for this little blog, so that is our priority right now. We’ll continue to work at our dreams, and enjoy life along the way.

To new beginnings!

Thank you for being here.


Foodie, traveler, hippy. I love to cook healthy and delicious food. I do everything as naturally as possible (some would call me a granola girl or a hippy). I also LOVE to travel and experience new cultures and foods!

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